African Medicine; The E-book

African Medicine; Book Cover
African Medicine; Book Cover

The E-Book

This holistic health guide is the first book ever to disclose the closely guarded healing secrets of Yoruba priests. It covers the history, methods, and healing treatments of a 10,000 year old West African Tradition.

This amazing book consolidates African Spiritual Science and holistic healing into something comprehensive and usable everyday to help one achieve total holistic health. Includes charts, diagrams, and a materia medica of African and Caribbean herbs and remedies.


Herbal medicine is an African tradition. For thousands of years, many people of the African continent had a faithful and confident dependence on the use of various plants of the earth for the alleviation and avoidance of certain chronic and acute illnesses. Like healers in many cultures of the world, African herbalists have drawn on a large body of knowledge in the course of over 10,000 years, and yet the world has ignored and overlooked the African contribution to medicine and the healing arts. It is my hope that this small book will help to change that….

Traditionally, ancient African priests would orally transmit their herbal knowledge from one generation to the next. Not only was African medicine passed from generation to generation, starting in ancient Egypt (Khemit), but from continent to continent…..

When Greek physicians took their oath to Aesculapius, they were really swearing in to an African originally named Imhotep. During his lifetime, he was revered as the god of medicine between 2780-2680 B.C. Western society has wrongly given credit to a Greek named Hippocrates, who had actually taken the Aesculapius (Imhotepian) oath and lived 2,000 years after the true father/god of medicine…..

The Dravidians (the Black Untouchables) of India who were the first inhabitants of that country migrated from Ethiopia via the Isthmus of Suez. They were the founders of Hinduism and Ayurveda medicine, which was a product of the esoteric philosophy of inner Africa……

The only true African healing system which is still intact in its original language of African terminology is Yoruba medicine, which is widely practiced on the African continent as well South America, and the Caribbean….

The principles of Yorubic medicine had been influenced by Egyptian holistic medicine about 4,000 years ago, developed by the mystic prophet Orunmile. Because of this root, Yoruba medicine shows the development of a distinctive African tradition, which in some ways has carried Egyptian medical science into the present…..


“AFRICAN MEDICINE: A Guide to Yoruba Divination

and Herbal Medicine”

The E-Book

in PDF format

Author: Tariq Makiri Sawandi, M.H.

ISBN# 0-9731799-0-2


Can be purchased at the book store at this site…

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  • 10th March 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Greetings to you and your loved ones.

    How does one acquire the E book?

  • 11th March 2009 at 12:06 am

    I have requested that the site selling the book let us know how to purchase. Should be an interesting read!

  • 27th July 2016 at 7:34 am

    the link to purchase the African Medicine Book is broken can someone please help


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