Black Hair – How do you look after it?

Dealing with Afro Hair
Dealing with Afro Hair

If like me, you are sitting there thinking, huh this old chestnut again then I’m sorry, but I have serious issues dealing with my black hair and how to look after it. I guess it should start by stating that I’m mixed race so my hair is neither European hair or African Hair. It is of course a mixture between the two types.

That said I have curly hair not mad tight, but curly just the same. I can grow a wicked Afro and have done on several occasions.

How to care for your Afro is another thing though. I struggle to regulate mine because my hair can’t seem to make up it’s mind as to what it actually is. Is your hair Greasy or Dry you ask, well it’s both.

Some days its so greasy it’s unbearable, other days it’s so dry its really brittle.

Regardless of how often I wash my hair it’s always the same. I can wash my hair on a Monday, and it’s greasy as hell on Tuesday.
Then by Thursday of the same week it’s dry as a bone again.

These days I’m growing my dreads back. I used to have long dreads back in the 90’s and only cut them when they got so scruffy with breakage on top. Today I’m having the same issue. The dreadlocks are forming nicely but I’m getting a lot of loose hairs that are making the natty dreads look fuzzy.

I’ve tried a couple of different waxes to try and increase the locking but with mixed results. Nothing is stopping these breakaways hairs from spoiling the look. Somedays I’m close to just cutting it all off.

One final point, is that I also struggle getting air to my scalp, when my Afro is long, or when I’m wearing dreadlocks I sometimes get sore patches on my head as the scalp isn’t getting enough air to it. I have had the same issue when wearing Cornrows.

If anyone out there can relate to these issues or even offer me some good advice on how to solve these hair problems. I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Black Hair – How do you look after it?

  • 5th September 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Hi, your hair issues, from what you have described, I believe, stem from a diet which needs tweaking to provide adequate amounts of the right minerals to your hair in order to help it remain healthy.

    Overly dry, overly oily or brittle hair, all result from poor internal health. Even the color and luster of your hair is affected by the condition of your general system?

    You need to start feeding your hair healthy. Optimise your diet for hair health and see how that goes.


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