Do Community groups make a difference?

AUGUSTA, Ga. – It was a gathering to reclaim black manhood–a conference for all ages, men and women, held at Paine College.

“You can achieve, you can believe, you can conceive, that truly this country is made for you and you need to use the world as your oyster,” said Dr. Mike Weaver, organizer.

Men and women of all ages were empowered and encouraged at the Let Us Make Man Conference. It was an all-day event that consisted of programs and sessions that Weaver says hit real issues.

“We deal with issues such as law and society, restoring the black family and educating our youth, issues such as finances,” Weaver said.

Twenty-year-old college student Jeremy Hill was glad to be at Let Us Make Man. The sessions opened his eyes and motivated him.

“It hit home. It helps you realize that in your local community things need to be changed,” Hill said.

Statistics show that almost 31 percent of African American males will be imprisoned by the age of 18. Right here in the CSRA, almost 50 percent of the males in jail are African American. Let Us Make Man says it takes a community to bring about change.

“We need to empower the young boy and young girl in our community so they don’t fall victim to the drug trade so when you look at a lot of the homicide and the murders that are talking place, is because you’re talking about an idle mind is a devil’s work shop,” Weaver said.

“We need to bring more of a positive image for black males who are in school, who are in graduating, who believe in taking care of there children, who believe in marriage,” said Duke Carter.

The event’s organizers say the program teaches black men and women to understand that they’re not just a citizen of their town or state, but a citizen of the world.


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