E-Migration: Migrants in the Digital Age

E-Migration:  Migrants in the Digital Age

RSA on 25th October at 6.30 pm 



Immigration used to involve packing an entire life into a suitcase and moving to a new country for good. Now, with modern communications and transport, it is far more fluid and dynamic. Modern migrants need not lose contact with their old homes; they can keep old ties refreshed; and families can span the globe. Children are schooled for periods abroad and migrants live across multiple worlds. 

The old assumptions about immigration – the so-called Ellis Island model of arrival, settlement and assimilation – are dissolving fast. What does this mean for politics and policy? How is such mobility changing our attitudes to integration, identity and belonging? What does it mean for the economy, here and abroad? How can we tell this new story?

Join former Home Secretary David Blunkett, author Robert Winder, journalist and broadcaster Sarfraz Manzoor and healthcare expert Dr Titi Banjoko as they debate these and other issues at the RSA.


The event will be followed by a reception sponsored by PwCLegal.


Book your tickets here http://www.thersa.org/events/our-events/e-migration-migrants-in-the-digital-age


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