The Arrival of Electronic Steelpan Midi Controllers

The Arrival ofElectronic Steelpan MidiControllers

Now we see newprojectson the horizon like the electric midi controllers made in the pattern ofSteelpans. This is a great breakthrough for Panist because it allows us the freedom ofusing our skills withmodernday technology. The beauty with these instruments is that you can hook them up to a computer and use them with music programs which opens a wind range of sounds and instruments, hence the panist does not have to learn to play keyboards to get access to the thousands of sound modules that is out there.

Electric Pans

What makes these instruments suitable for Pan players is the fact the notes are laid out in thecircleof 4th & 5th the great discovery of the Trinidad geniusTony Williams. My first in counter with one of these sound modules was the PANKAT with notes hexagon shaped it seams verysimilarto theoriginal Spider web pan. This demonstration of the PANKAT I have used a sound other than the steelpan, but obviously the technique of a panist.

Mighty Jammademonstrates the PANKAT

Jamma Salmon & Jamani


Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting another magnificent genius “from the Land of PanTrinidad & Tobago ” Salmon Cupid the inventor of theElectronic Pan ( Epan ) from the moment I saw the pan come out of the case, I knew I wanted one. I had been following cupid on the net, but meeting him in person and seeing and playing the epan as a panist I just knew that this is an invention that is bringing pan forward in an unimaginable way. Just the size of how neatly it fits in your home, and you can practice with head phones, it is like magic, I woulddefiantlyrecommend the epan for any serious panist to have as well as an the original pan.

Mighty Jamma demonstration onthe e.pan

The epan has all the modern functions to hook up with your pc, but the lay out and shapes of the notes are closer to an original pan, and it has excellent casing for transportation.

Sometimes I feel some panist don’t understand the fact that these new creations are not here to replace the original steelpan but to bridge the gap with authentic & modern daytechnology .

I feel we have to be thankful as panist that we have lived to see this kind of technology developed in our life time.

Mighty Jamma Demonstation epan Show time Panorama 2011

Jamani Stewart Young Steelpanambassador

The journey of the Pan Man continues with father & son using traditional and electronic steelpan midi controllers

15 yr Jamani Stewart 1stdemonstration on epan

15yr Jamani 2nd Demonstration on epan

It must remembered that the electronic midi controllers are not here to take away from the amazing beauty and craftsmanship of the pan maker , but it is an extra tool for panist to use along side there PC & music programs.

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