Far Right Trolls


If you clicked a link on Twitter and came here via the Helios /  @ Disband_MPS twitter account.   Please be assured that…
That account is nothing to do with Black Presence!!

Perhaps you came here after seeing our editor mentioned by the account @jihaditroll or @ShandyClass1980 Again, this the same person playing a different role. They are confidence tricksters trying to create an illusion that this website supports and or condones vile racist discrimination.

These far-right, keyboard warriors are attempting to libel Black Presence.  We urge you to either block and report the account.

In addition, we have received defamatory tweets, and intimidating phone calls. We remain unmoved.
We have reported the accounts to Twitter and the Police and are awaiting further instruction from them.

Blackpresence stands against racism and will have nothing to do with antisemitism or discrimination of any form. We remain committed to equality of opportunity for all peoples regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality.

Thank you.