Five Great Black Links For November

I have been toying with writing a regular slot for the website for a while.   It’s taken me a long time to decide how I wanted to present it.   I thought that being as I bookmark so many great websites from across the African diaspora, it would be good to start to share them with you on a monthly basis.

In the old days, I used to maintain a hefty links page. However since Google started messing around with the Search results, I decided to change my approach.

So every month, I’ll do a post like this one with a bit of a boring ramble at the start to pad it out   :/

Five Great Black Links for November



Find out more about Africans in Tudor and Stuart Britain this Black History Month!

Dr Miranda Kaufmann, an expert in African History in Britain shows you where you can find out more about the African Presence in Britain between 1500-1640. Yes, black people really have been pottering around in Britain for that long, even before that, but that’s another blog post.


Read: Africans in Tudor and Stuart Britain



(1)Ne Drop

One Drop looks at what it it to be “Black” or to identified as Black.

People of African descent reflect a multiplicity of skin tones and phenotypic characteristics. Often times, however, when met by people who self-identify as ‘Black,’ but do not fit into a prototypical model of ‘Blackness,’ many of us not only question their identity, but challenge their Blackness, and thus our potential relationship to them.


Read: (1)NE Drop:



Obama Victory Welcomed by Black Britons.

The Black Mental Health Website wrote a piece celebrating the re-election of U.S President Barack Obama to his second term in the White House. The article was honestly written and calls on opinions form prominent black Brits.  Whilst this piece is composed of positive soundbites, I think it refects some of the positive feeling and indeed the sense of relief many of us share about Obamas re-election.

Read: Obama Victory Welcomed by Black Britons.


The Gentlemen’s Standard

Glen Antoine Palmer writes the Gentlemen’s standard.  I found this to be a refreshingly simple blog.  A blog for men that isn’t overflowing with anger and testosterone.  A blog that looks at the finer things in life, without vulgarity or crass imagery.

Glan has been quick to embrace the growing tide of users who are surfing on the move.  His blog employs a “responsive” WordPress theme  that enables seamless mobile viewing.

The Gentlemen's Standard
The Gentlemen’s Standard

This is a black blog crafted with love.  It’s not too extensive but the posts have quality and thought applied liberally to them. Any discerning gentleman will enjoy reading this blog.

Read : The Gentlemen’s Standard





Afro Europe is  filling the Gap concentrating on the African presence in the countries of mainland Europe.  The blog provides a fascinating insight in to the lives of “Afropeans”.  The site has lot’s of informative articles from countries such as Holland, Germany, Portugal, and Turkey. Afro-Europe is a website I want to collaborate with a lot more.  Are the lives of people in over there very different from our own?


Read: Afro-Europe


That’s it.  Perhaps you have some links you’d like to share with me?  if so drop me an email.  Use the comment box below to give feedback on what you thought of this months links.  Don’t forget to Click the Facebook Like Button, G+ and Tweet this Buttons if you do Social Media.

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