Images of famous black history figures

As a teacher of Black Studies I have often maintained the importance of knowing those who have been influential in shaping our history.  One way of doing this is by identifying those who through the ages have either made significant contributions in the field of science, art, music, sports or have been advocates who argue in favour of man’s humanity to each other.  By this I mean those who in their own individual ways were campaigners for social justice and truth.

Moreover there are black history figures such as Martin Luther King who stand out as strong and powerful role models who our young people should emulate; and there are contemporary figures who also act as examples to our young people such as Maya Angelou.

I have designed a chart; which looks at some of these important figures.  The list is not exhaustive and can be added to.   This chart has been made into an activity which can be utilized in a variety of ways.  One suggestion is for the teacher to select a few images and place them on the worksheet.  You can either cut and paste or import an image from the website.  Then with the pupils select the correct name associated with the image.

That’s a task which can be utilized with a variety of age groups.  For older children 11-15 years you can encourage the student to select one particular person and conduct some research for presentation to the group.

Download the Worksheet

Historical Black Figures Worksheet for Schools

Who would you like to see on a schools worksheet for black history?  Perhaps leave a message below?


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