Julius Soubise-Aristocrat

Julius Soubise
Julius Soubise

Julius Soubise was unusual for a Black man living at his time. He led an extremely privileged lifestyle.

He came to England from the West Indies, carried by Captain Stair Douglas of the Royal Navy. Catherine Hyde, the Duchess of Queensberry met Soubise and persuaded the Captain to part with him as she found the boy extremely Charming and likeable.

The young Soubise was liked by the Staff of The Queensberry Household too. They called him ‘The young Othello’.

Soubise was taught to Fence and ride by Domenico Angelo. He soon became extremely notorious amongst the upper classes. Flattered by the attention Soubise exaggerated his social standing and began to pass himself off as the son of an African King.

He became an assistant at the riding and Fencing School where he again was extremely popular. He played the violin, sang and read poetry.
He accompanied This Trainers son to Eton and Windsor where he led an amazing double life. One as an assistant and the other as a gay darling of Society.

However Soubise’s lavish lifestyle had not gone unnoticed and both he and the Duchess were subjected to satire in the press. He was accused of raping a servant girl, and that the duchess sent him to India for his own sake. She died two days after he left.

He established a riding School in Bengal, he trained private students and was paid by the government for breaking in horses.

He was killed in India breaking in a troublesome Horse. Ignatius Sancho was a good Friend to him.

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