Paul Boateng – Politician

Paul Boateng
Paul Boateng with other Black Politicians, elected in 1987

Paul Y. Boateng was born in 1951 to Kwaku and Eleanor Boateng, the Gold Coast (Now Ghana), West Africa. He was educated at the Ghana International School and Accra Academy. Later he attended Apsley Grammar School and the University of Bristol. Boateng qualified as a solicitor in 1976, and was called to the Bar in 1989.

His political life began with membership in the Labour Party in 1966. Boateng became a prominent member of the Greater London Council 1981-86, serving as chair of the Police Committee. Elected as MP for Brent South in 1987 he won the election with an overwhelming seventy-three percent of the vote.

In 1989 Boateng became opposition Spokesman on Treasury and Economic Affairs.  In 1997 When the Labour Party won the General Election, Boateng became Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department of Health.

His last post was Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Home Office in the Labour Government. He has also served as the “Minister for Young People”, along with positions in the Lord Chancellors Department.

Paul Boateng Cabinet Minister

Paul Boateng was appointed as a Cabinet Minister on 29 May 2002 and was the first Black Cabinet Minister. He then served  as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury in charge of Government spending levels until 2005.

In 2005 he took up position as the British High Commissioner to south Africa before becoming Lord Boateng in 2010.


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