Triple Bill celebrating the life of
Guyanese lawyer, singer, writer,
broadcaster, cultural activist, actor.
In the drama They Met in a City: The
Encyclopaedist (tx 11/4/61). BBC. Written
by John Mortimer. 30min), a salesman
from Trinidad tries to sell a set of
encyclopeadia to a housewife on
London’s Chelsea-Fulham border.
The documentary Freedom Road:
Songs of Negro Protest (tx 5/2/64).
Associated Rediffusion. Dir Robert
Fleming. 40 min) tells the story of the
unceasing struggle for racial equality
through protest songs archive, photos
and prints.
£5.00 or £7.50 combined ticket for
Spike Lee’s film:
Miracle at St. Anna (2008). 140min
29 OCTOBER 2011
from 11am to 5pm
BFI Box Office: 020 7928 3232

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