Rocky Road to success for Geologist


Consultant Geologist, Toyin Solanke, from West Norwood in London, began a 5½ week Churchill Travelling Fellowship ( to the USA. The aim of her Fellowship was to participate in outreach development and delivery initiatives in the USA, which will contribute to developing the Urban Geology Activity Access Programme here in the UK. Toyin wants to encourage participation and progression in geosciences amongst the Black British youth, who are currently very under-represented in this field.

Toyin reported: “Since 2000, I have worked on widening geoscience education awareness, forming the UGAAP and creating the Geothrillogy CD, writing lyrics on geology & exploration. This serves as a potent outreach tool for engaging Black Minority and Ethnic young people in Earth Sciences. Recent developments address content and social media delivery, presenting BME geoscientists active across academia and industry. Integral to this is the US National Association of Black Geoscientists (NABG) providing 31 years of solid commitment and strategic support by instilling awareness, inspiration and facilitating career opportunities.”

“My Fellowship helped me to explore New York based Flocabulary, an educational learning tool using hip-hop style. I attended the NABG Washington DC conference, the Houston GeolSoc African Exploration and Production conference, and the American Association Petroleum Geologists Expo in Texas, all where graduates exhibited posters, presented talks and secured jobs.”

“In Texas NABG pioneering founders shared experiences and strategies, and geoscientists from ExxonMobile, Camac Energy & Haliburton highlighted routes and resources.”

“At the Directorate for Geosciences, National Science Foundation federal offices in Virginia, I saw activities and agencies tackling disparities in geoscience uptake across communities.”

“I have since shared my findings at the Earth Science Teachers Association conference. I am now creating online content and writing my research report.”

Toyin will be giving a talk on North Sea Oil at 7pm, 13th November 2012 for Ravensbourne Geological Society at Beckenham Methodist Church Hall, Bromley Road, Beckenham.”

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