We try to follow socially acceptable rules here at Blackpresence. We aim to make the blogs a pleasant place to discuss Black issues

Our basic rules involve:

Please use English language only, linking to other sites that are in other languages is fine.

Only one account per member please.

No irrelevant Self PromotionWe work very hard to make Blackpresence Popular, promote your work here, but write an article and make it relevant to the other users of this site. If you break the rules we delete your posts and suspend your account until you play fair.

No swearing(There is a swear filter which will replace any unacceptable word with asterisks, there are only a few words in the filter so I’m sure you can find another to use).

No racism. I have spent my whole life fighting racism, I don’t want it here. Stating historical fact is fine, opinion is fine but don’t cross the line. – Anti white, Asian or Anti Jewish is just as bad as Anti Black racism I will enforce this strictly, any racism towards fellow board members will result in an immediate ban.

No warez (talk of piracy) Do not ask for or offer to distribute illegally copied software, movies or music here.

No Porn There are lots of places on the internet for this, But this isn’t one of them.


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