The Black Presence in Britain Website

The Black Presence website was formerly the Black Presence in Britain, a history site about black British history.

The Black Presence in Britain website was set up in 1998 due to a lack of information about the contribution of Black people to British history to be found on the Internet.

I was studying politics at the time, the course included a history module called;
” The Black Presence in Britain 1550-present day”.

Whilst doing my research, I found a serious lack of Black British info online. So, I decided to build my own site where this information could be documented. The site has had many incarnations since then. I built the first version of it using Netscape composer, later moving on to Dreamweaver. Today the site uses content management software.

The site aims to become a large repository of information regarding Black History, in particular, Black British History.

Isn’t black British British History Exclusive?

Of course, the site isn’t exclusively for Black people. We aim to provide information for everyone, so that the History books might in time, become more complete. We welcome ANYONE with a willingness to share in and promote understanding of African peoples and cultures in the wider world.

The site has lots of information and articles to get people started in their understanding of the history and culture of Black/African people over the centuries.

Welcome to the site if you are new here and thank you for reading and supporting this site if you are an old-timer.

From my point of view, the site can grow exponentially.  There is literally no end to Black British History as it’s being written every day.  However, I’m a big believer in the notion of “You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been”. So there’s still a massive need for contributors, to come and write articles on this site.  Hopefully, the will reveal the histories of their families and other black trailblazers.

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