The role of a Steelband in the Community


The Birmingham school of Pan founded and Managed byJamma gives the youngsters a chance to do a lot of team work, also gives the parents in the community a chance to get involved, playing pan, percussion instruments, making food & Costumes for the band. bringing the True culture of the Steelbands ofTrinidad and Tobago to Birmingham, the players have 24 hour access to the panyard so develop there skills very fast, every performance is full of energy and charisma.


To view The Birmingham School of Panperformance please click on link below

The band also gives members a chance to meet celebrities ,

pictured here is Rochella and Jamani Stewart after a performance at the Syphony hall with TV star Rudoplh Walker (Patrick ) from East Enders

At the same event members meet footballer Dwight York

The Birmingham School of Pan performance at the drum art centre playing Sugar Bum tribute to the lateGrand Master Lord Kitchener shows the energy the steelpan instrument draws out of the performers that gets injected to listeners to keep them on there feet dancing.

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RochellaStewart also enjoying playing the tripleCelloPans, made by the late Lincoln Noel, who was one of the finest Steelpan makers in Trinidad & Tobago.The triple cello pans in a Steel orchestra are mid range pans, that play a combination of Chords, counter melodies and base lines.

Having a organizedSteelbandis a real asset to anycommunity.

The good thing about the Steel Orchestras is they are accommodating to large numbers of people. In Trinidad & Tobago at Carnival time when bands are competing for the PanoramaCompetitionthey swell to 120.players per band, if you add the number of players & supporters/ helpers from thecommunity who a help out indifferentways the bands membership caneasilyswell to 200 plus. Having that number of people working to one gold of perfecting thediscipline and presentation of the band, doing this ritual year after year can only produce unity andpositiveresults.

Thinking about starting a Steel band in your local community, need advice/ guidance, instruments,tuition feel free to contact Us. Click on Link below

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