The sound of Running Water – Summer Promotion

The Sound of Running Water

Dear All,

I am pleased to inform you that we now have a Summer Promotion on “The Sound of Running Water” with a free delivery service.

Information on “The Sound of Running Water”

” The Sound of Running Water ” is a Pocket-sized gift book of Proverbs and Quotations aimed to inspire our minds into great heights of Moral aspirations, Self -fulfillment and Positive thinking, but most importantly it is aimed at the young children and adults.
The book of proverbs is written by Tony Tokunbo Fernandez..? Tony is a Published Writer, Event Organiser and a Community Engagement Consultant. In his spare time, he is also involved in mentoring young children and adults on Self Esteem and Personal Goals.

The proverbs have been put together by Tony to remind us that whatever we believe in or aspire for in Life-? All Good things are possible !

Proverbs are a very subtle way to pass on this message at a very early age because the memory lives through our minds and grows into something profound we take into the future .
” The Sound of Running Water” explores a wide range of themes from – Love, Grace, Hope, Understanding, Forgiveness and Wisdom. ( The very little things which money cannot buy)
This book is an ideal gift book for every family and to make things easier, it fits well in pockets and handbags so that you can carry it about with you in case you are having a stressful day at work.


” The Sound of Running Water ” is normally sold at 5 Pounds, 50 Pence, however we now have a Summer promotion. The book can now be bought at the discount of 4 Pounds with FREE DELIVERY. The promotion ends on the 16th of September 2010 .
So Get your copy today !

Click on the link to purchase your copy –

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