Virgin Islands – Diageo Lays Out Green Plan at CZM Hearing, Gets Public Support

The Captain Morgan’s rum distillery planned for St. Croix will release no molasses or other effluent into the sea, instead converting it to organic solids suitable for soil enrichment, Diageo officials told the V.I. Coastal Zone Management committee Wednesday. At the committee’s public hearing on the Diageo CZM permit in the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport conference room, officials outlined an array of measures being taken to make the distillery both efficient and low-impact and emphasized their commitment to hire and train locally. 
      Diageo has leased land on the northwest corner of the St. Croix Renaissance Park, adjacent to the Melvin Evans Highway to construct the plant. The Virgin Islands Government is financing the construction of the plant but will ultimately recoup the financing and take in nearly $3 billion in remitted rum excise taxes over the 30-year term of Diageo’s agreement with the government. (See: “Diageo Picks Site For Captain Morgan Rum Distillery”). 

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