What President Obama election means for us here in the UK? By Lee Jasper

Obama visits Downing St. 2008

While we marvel with optimism at the dawning of a phenomenon known as President Obama, right here and right now in the UK we can afford little time to relax. There is a firestorm raging through our community and whilst it mercilessly consumes our youth we are in danger of failing to take responsibility for the crisis that stands firmly before them. Our central responsibility is to create, not await, conditions in which positive role models are likely to emerge.

Our current reality is that we are in the midst of the worst recession of recent memory. The consequence of which is increased unemployment among all communities, and in particular the black community. Now more than ever, the most precious resource we have is our young people. Yet we continue to lose so many of our young people because of a lack of hope. Too many are snared by the criminal justice system, mental health institutions, and violent climate. Our nation is overflowing not just with those who have tragically died, but with those who are permanently disfigured (emotionally and physically) by their own society. When Professor David Gilmore recently detailed on the subject of

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