Who Killed Troy Davis, we did

Who Killed Troy Davis - We Did
Who Killed Troy Davis - We Did

Who Killed Troy Davis,  we did

Many people are waking up today hearing about a man called Troy Davis.  Some people are still asking via Twitter or in general conversation “Who is Troy Davis?”

The facts are simple in my eyes. Troy Davis was a man who was Killed by Indifference.

Indifference to his original case, Indifference to his recent pleas, Indifference to the social media campaign for petition signatures and indifference to the possibility of saving one human life in the spirit of humanity.

The Human race failed this morning, and the vast majority have underlined why not just black people but the entire human race has a very long way to go before an equal society is created.

Who was Troy Davis?

For those who don’t know who Troy Davis was, click “Troy Davis“.  Indifference and inaction was what ended up killing him.  Take the opportunity to research and learn, so that we might not be as inactive the next time.

There will undoubtedly be many people who when reviewing the case will say “Davis was a shooter” given that he was linked to another shooting.  this of course is true.  However, the evidence in the Troy Davis Case was inconclusive.

Did race play a part?

The Black community will be bemoan racism today.  The truth of the matter is that racism will have played a part in this.  How many suspected black cop-killers escape retribution, in Georgia or anywhere else?  That said, it wasn’t racism that killed Troy Davis, it was our inaction.

Some people will say, black people only care about Troy Davis because he was Black,  there may be an element of truth in that.  Would Troy Davis be dead right now if he was a white man?   this case has made many people realise we are not safe.  a Black man can be sentenced to death and actually be executed on the basis of very shaky evidence. That could happen to you, me,  or any of our loved ones.

Failure to mobilise

We have had the ability to mobilise a campaign for a long long time. We didn’t do it.  We could have contacted Celebrities,Politicians and the worlds best human rights lawyers, did this actually happen on a grand scale?

Yesterday the Twittersphere was buzzing with Toy Davis tweets, Facebook reminded me about every 10 seconds to sign the petition, or email the Clerk to the Supreme court.   I signed and I emailed, and I tweeted 57 times regardding the matter, but the truth is I failed too, because Troy Davis has been on Death Row for years, I mobilised from the U.K yesterday, on the day of his Death.

The lessons that we must take out of Troy Davis’s Death is “Justice does not always prevail”, and that Black people the world over must begin to collectively pay attention to the issues that face us.  We must choose our issues carefully, and we must engage in EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE to publicise what we are trying to do.  Deep down we are all responsible for the Death of Troy Davis, because  signing an E-Petition, Sending a few Tweets, or posting a few supportive Facebook messages isn’t enough to save a life at the eleventh hour.


2 thoughts on “Who Killed Troy Davis, we did

  • 18th October 2011 at 9:40 am

    I resent the headline. Surely the criminal justice system has to be the main target of your piece, not the general public who, through no fault of their own, may miss out on injustices like this. What about the countless examples of miscarriages of justice that are going on right now in the UK and the world over. The public has not the time to give attention to all.

    Target the barbarism of death sentences and the bloody mindedness of the ‘hang em and flog em’ brigade way before you pin tragedies like this on the public.

    • 18th October 2011 at 6:15 pm

      You resent the headline. Good. We all should it is the sleepwalking public that allows and reinforces the law. We allow the death penalty to exist by voting for politicians that support it. Furthermore, there is much talk of solidarity within Black communities, which on the whole is nothing more than a poorly organised and disparate set of organisations , not making the proper efforts to unite. I have no need to target the death sentence. Had 1 or 2 million people signed the petition to save Troy Davis, or perhaps even half of America’s African American Population…he might still be alive. Because they choose to not know, or know and choose not to participate, he is now dead. He wont be the last.


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