Black British History Books – Some Light reading

This list of black history books is not exhaustive by any means.

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* Staying Power-The History of Black people in Britain by Peter Fryer (Pluto Press 1984)

* Black England-Life before Emancipation by Gretchen Gerzina (John Murray,1995)

* Black Settlers in Britain 1555-1958 by Nigel File and chris Power (Heinemann,1981; reprinted 1995)

* Black Edwardians-Black people in Britain 1901-1914 by Jeffrey Green (Frank Cass 1998)

* Wonderful adventures of Mary Seacole in Many Lands by Mary Seacole (1857; reprinted by Falling Wall Press,edited by Ziggy Alexander and Audrey Dewjee,1984).

* Black Londoners 1880-1990 by susan Okokon (Sutton Publishing Limited, 1998)

* The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave (1831; reprinted by the University of Michigan Press, edited by Moira Ferguson,1993).

* The first Black footballer-Arthur Wharton 1865-1930 An Absence of Memory by Phil Vasili (frank Cass,1998, reprinted 1999)

* Colouring over the white Line- The History of Black footballers in Britain by Phil Vasili (Mainstream Publishing,2000)

* Breaking Stereotypes-Perspectives of Selected Black and Asian Leaders Edited by Clinton A.Valley,EdD. (Minerva Press, 2000)

* West Indian Women at War-British Racism in World War II by Ben Bousquet and Colin Douglas (Lawrence and Wishhart, 1991)

* Roots of the Future-Ethnic Diversity in the making of Britain By Commission for Racial Equality, 1997

* England Affric-An Ethnological Survey by Ahmed ali and Abrahim Ali
(Punite Books, 1995) ISBN 0 9518924 4 4

* A History of the Black Presence in London (Greater London Council, 1986)
ISBN 0 7168 1679 2

* Black and white- the Negro and English Society 1555-1945 By James Walvin (Allen Lane, 1973)

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