Africans in Portuguese Space

Portuguese Africa
Portuguese Africa

Canning House, home of The Hispanic and Luso Brazilian Council, 2 Belgrave
Square, London SW1X 8PJ, England, sponsors a regular series of
Portuguese-related events; for complete information, see the “events” page

Of particular interest is this free lecture,

Friday 16th December,
18.30-19.30 :

“From Invisibility to Visibility: Africans in Portuguese Space”, by Shihan
de Silva, author of ‘African Identity in Asia’ and ‘The Portuguese in the

African movement to Asia has gone on for centuries and many migrants have
assimilated with the local populations. Within historical documents,
Africans become conspicuous through their  military role. Moreover, there
are Afro-Asian communities today, separated by vast distances and hidden in
the villages and forests of Asia. Through their vibrant forms of music and
lyrics still in Portuguese, they emerge from obscurity. Concentrating on
Africans who moved within Portuguese space in Asia, this presentation will
highlight the way in which the migratory process took place and affected
their lives.

Dr Shihan de Silva is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth
Studies (University of London) and a member of the UNESCO International
Scientific Committee (Paris)=

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