Black Europe and the African Diaspora

Black Europe
Black Europe

Edited by Darlene Hine, Tricia Keaton & Stephen Small


“An elegant, imaginative, and penetrating intervention in the ethnographies and theories of race and community in the African diaspora. A masterful contribution to the growing field of Black European studies and to diaspora studies.” Mamadou Diouf, co-editor of New Perspectives on Islam in Senegal: Conversion, Migration, Wealth, Power, and Femininity

 “Thought-providing. . . . Highly recommended.”–Choice


“Enormously stimulating, this volume is essential reading for those interested in exploring the evolving story of the Black presence worldwide.”–David Barry Gaspar, co-editor of Beyond Bondage: Free Women of Color in the Americas

The presence of Blacks in a number of European societies has drawn increasing interest from scholars, policymakers, and the general public. This interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary collection penetrates the multifaceted Black presence in Europe, and, in so doing, complicates the notions of race, belonging, desire, and identities assumed and presumed in revealing portraits of Black experiences in a European context. In focusing on contemporary intellectual currents and themes, the contributors theorize and re-imagine a range of historical and contemporary issues related to the broader questions of blackness, diaspora, hegemony, transnationalism, and “Black Europe” itself as lived and perceived realities.

Preface Darlene Clark Hine

Foreword Philomena Essed

Introduction: The Empire Strikes Back Stephen Small

 Section One: Historical Facts of Blackness

1. The Emergence of Afro-Europe: A Preliminary Sketch  Allison Blakely

2. Blacks in Early Modern Europe: New Research from the Netherlands Dienke Hondius

3. Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Josephine Baker’s Films of the 1930s and the Problem of Color Eileen Julien

4. Pictures of “US”? Blackness, Diaspora and the Afro-German Subject Tina M. Campt

5. The Conundrum of Geography, Europe d’outre mer and Transcontinental Diasporic Identity T. Sharpley-Whiting and Tiffany Ruby Patterson


Section Two. Contemporary Blackness in Focus: France, Germany, and Italy

6. “Black American Paris” and the “Other France”: Interpellative Migration Narratives of; Inclusion and Social Race in Parisian-French Society Trica Danielle Keaton

7. Black Italia: Contemporary Migrant Writers from Africa Alessandra Di Maio

8. Talking Race in Color-Blind France: Equality Denied, Blackness Reclaimed Fred Constant

9. My Volk to Come: Peoplehood in Recent Diaspora Discourse and Afro-German Popular Music Alexander G. Weheliye

10. No Green Pastures: The African Americanization of France Tyler Stovall


Section Three. Theorizing, (Re)presenting, and (Re)Imagining Blackness in Europe

11. Black Europe and the African Diaspora: A Discourse on Location Jacqueline Nassy Brown

12. Theorizing Black Europe and African Diaspora: Implications for Citizenship, Nativism and Xenophobia Kwame Nimakoand Stephen Small

13. The Audacious Josephine Baker: Stardom, Cinema, Paris Terri Frances

14. Pale By Comparison: Black Liberal Humanism and the Postwar Era in the African Diaspora Michelle M. Wright

15. Another Dream of a Common Language: Imagining Black Europe Gloria Wekker

Afterword: Black Europe’s Undecidability Barnor Hesse


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