Community experts hope new national mental health agency will not sideline race equality

Phil Hope

Improvements for patients and carers
In an announcement this week, the Care Services Minister Phil Hope said that this new organisation will ensure that national mental health policies bring about real improvements for patients and carers.‘The National Mental Health Development Unit will make sure that mental health services around the country continue to go from strength to strength.

New Horizons and the Darzi review mean we must actively promote public mental health and well-being, as well as spreading best practice. The National Mental Health Development Unit will help us do this,’ Care Services Minister Phil Hope said

From the 1st of April the ten regional Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs)  will oversee the development of what has been described as ‘more personalised services’, backed by the NMHDU , a Department of Health press release  said. 

Key areas of work for this new agency include improving access to talking therapies, promoting equalities in mental health services and promoting social inclusion for people with mental health problems.

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Source: Black Mental Health UK

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