David Grant

David Grant in LINX
David Grant in LINX

Before David Grant found fame as a solo artist and lately as a vocal coach on TV programmes such as Fame Academy and also as a contemporary Gospel artist, he was in a ’80s Brit-funk group called Linx.

From making and selling their 12-inch single of ‘You’re Lying’ in shops like City Records in Holborn, they got signed by the pop-orientated Chrysalis record company. ‘You’re Lying’ went top 15 in late 1980, and the title track of their debut album, ‘Intuition’ went top 10 in early 1981, setting up the parent album to also crack the top 10. Another single from the album, ‘Throw Away The Key’, stalled just shy of the top 20 at no. 21.

Although singer David Grant and bassist Sketch were the face and mainstay of the act, they were a band, which included Burt Salvari (guitar), Bob Carter (keyboards), Andy Duncan (drums) and Canute Edwards (guitar).

Nearly 30 years on, hopefully we can learn from the stories of the people who were involved in contributing to the success of the British Black Music Trailblazing Album.


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