Evon Brennan – Black, Irish Singer/Songwriter


Evon Brennan
Evon Brennan


Evon Brennan is a singer songwriter from Donegal in Ireland. Now living in London, Evon has firmly established herself on the live circuit. A unique voice…inspired by

her many experiences. None more so than being Black and Irish and raised in a rural setting in Ireland. Her Mother was a Dublin girl.
Her Father a Ghanaian medical student
studying at Dublin University. She has a twin sister and was raised in an orphanage, by nuns. Evon eventually traced this man to Manchester, but unfortunately he had no recollection of the events described by Evon, and asked not to be contacted again.
Of both parents, it is her Mother Evon would most like to find. Having been raised in an orphanage by nuns, Evon has direct experience of being isolated within society, and often wonders what became of her mother, when at a time in Ireland, to give birth to an illegitimate child was bad enough, but to give birth to a black illegitimate child must have been the ultimate outcastable offence.
The first orphanage Evon and her sister were sent to, as babies, was Sisters of Mercy in Ballaghdreen, Western Ireland. The orphanage was demolished several years ago, along with any records that might indicate who placed the sisters there. Evon has very few memories of this first orphanage.
Over the following 10 years Evon and her sister Carol saw very little of life outside the school, occasionally being sent to stay with local families during the school holidays. With one or two exceptions these holiday breaks were not pleasant experiences. Often used as cheap labour the girls came to dread these periods. The families were never checked for their suitability and the girls never listened to when they had grievances. In some cases resulting in serious consequences.
Evon left the home with a blue suitcase and twenty pounds given to her by the Mother Superior. Evon and her sister were sent to Dublin and a place in a hostel organised, along with a cleaning job for Evon and work in a hospital for Carol. In time, Evon started to meet people, started to see and experience a life outside of the convent, eventually joining a band called the Rascals. Evon travelled around Ireland with the band, a time she values for the experience it gave her of not only playing to an audience, and gaining confidence in her abilities, but also the confidence in herself to pursue her dreams.
The musical seed was now sown and Evon soon moved to London. Involving herself at every opportunity with any thing to do with music, absorbing as much as possible from the vast, diverse, multi-cultural  environment she now found herself in. It was this period, in London that Evon became more aware of her African heritage. Discovering a side to herself she had never really looked at. A side that the nuns would only refer to in derogatory terms.
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