Former UPS man takes his case to the Court of Appeal.

Clive Henry vs UPS
Clive Henry vs UPS

Clive Henry Accuses UPS Ltd of Racial Discrimination, Lawsuit Now Pending Before Court of Appeal in London & the European Human Rights Commission in Belgium.

Clive Henry Vs UPS Ltd – Race Discrimination Case

I worked at UPS Ltd for 11 years, with 100% attendance for seven years. I had NEVER received any disciplinary action before.

In January 2008 I was asked by Manager A to supervise the merge of all the Lynx Courier accounts in our department.

In July 2008 Manager B who was a director at Lynx couriers became my manager.

In October 2008 I was placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) which was never authorised by HR.

I hit the £3000 department monthly target. This was raised to £4000 the next month. I was shouted at and given a written warning on failing this target. I was also given a smudged warning letter. I was signed off with occupational stress because of these events.

The warning was revoked after my appeal but I was advised in writing that I would be placed back on the PIP.

I emailed HR to escalate to the corporate office. I was quickly contacted by HR to arrange an emergency meeting at this point. UPS HR and management were trying to cover this up.

In that meeting I was told to ignore being placed back on thePerformance Improvement Plan. At this point I raised a grievance. I again asked for the corporate office details but was given a false HR contact.

The Race Discrimination Tribunal hearing was March 23, 2010. I represented myself as I thought it was an open and closed case. I resigned from UPS on March 11, 2010.

I was the only Black male and the ONLY person EVER to be placed on a PIP.

UPS are an official supporter for the 2012 Olympics and an equal opportunities employer.

I am fighting an appeal after the judge dismissed the case in a perverse way by removing vital information in his biased judgment reasons.

The case is now pending a date at the Court of Appeal in London and has been accepted for investigation by The European Commission for Human Rights in Belgium.

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