NARM (Naming And Role Models) Project to highlight British African role models (1907-2007)

Some have described President Barack Obama as the “ultimate role model”. But who are the British male roles of African descent?

Brent-based voluntary organisation BTWSC’s heritage Lottery Funded NARM Project hopes to uncover role models closer to home, be they famous or unsung from 1907 to 2007. It hopes nominations may be made by individuals, or by community organisations, schools or classes working together researching deserving role models to contrast the same frequently repeated foreign (mainly African-American) personalities.

The results will be compiled into free resources including a booklet and DVD, and updated on a dedicated online micro-site. Nominations can be made at, where further information and rules can be found. A photographic exhibition of some of the role models will go on display May-Aug. 2009 at Brent Museum.

Please note: anyone regardless of race, gender or age can participate.

Ms Serwah


Check out these short BTWSC Roots To Branches edu-tainment concert trailers, plus Kwakus REACH/Be An Inspiration contribution:





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