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Go to the Ant
Go to the Ant

‘Go to the ant’, is a Simple but effective guide for day-to-day money management. Inspired by Martin Lewis‘s (money experts) quick wit and mind challenging money saving ideas, family man and entrepreneur Isaac Carter thought it was time to embark on a new journey. This journey
would consist of giving the people around him key money saving tips. This inspired mission started with friends & neighbours and now it’s here for you.

‘Go to the ant’ is an instrument for informing, educating and changing attitude towards managing money. (John Prout, NS&I’s Sales Director) said, ‘It is concerning that many
people don’t understand what inflation is, or how it might affect decisions about saving or spending money’.

In the current climate of credit crunch and recession, people are becoming more aware of the need to save for the future. The future many dreamed of 10 years ago wasn’t one that would consist of a great down turn in 2008 and Isaac is challenging black voters to think about the party that will help them to save the most effectively whilst deciding who will be the best to run the country. Dwelling on this in a negative way is not the answer to solving debt problems, over spending or getting your finances in order. The answer is to understand how to manage your money effectively; many are not equipped with enough tools and information to turn things around, so the Ant is here to help you.

Isaac Carter was born, and raised in Tottenham, North London where he witnessed the harsh
realities of life for those living with little income and the bare minimum means to survive. Isaac
raised the bar very high for himself and always believed he was destined for great things.
Destiny fell into place when he was accepted into University and then qualified to be a solicitor,
which he has been for 15 years. Hoping for a better future for his community, family and friends
‘Go to the Ant’ embodies Isaac’s core beliefs and is andessential part of the process to managing
your money effectively’.

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For more information on the book or launch event please contact Jasinta Gordon of Patchwork
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