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Yesterday I received an email from the ligali website. Ligali describes itself as a Pan Africanist human rights Organisation. Ligali Often send me their updates and newsletters, which depending on whether I have a moment to myself I read and digest or sadly leave them to quickly disappear in the the tides of messages in my google inbox.? Yesterdays Newsletter came to me in my lunch break and I managed to read a good sized chunk of it as I quickly forced my sandwiches down and quenched my thirst with an expensive can of Cherry Cola.

If I’m honest, I have in the past felt a little out of my depth with Ligali, because the website does attract a highly intelligent type of user who have a great in depth knowledge of African affairs and cultural knowledge.?Some of the premises put forward by the users on Ligali have, occasionally been beyond my grasp, and also too far removed from my own life experience for me to want to embrace such ideas.? This is in no way a criticism of the Ligali website because I have followed the site with great interest for some times, I have on occasion been a member of their forums and engaged in debate with its members. I give thanks for the opportunity to have been able to do this.


Ligali run an excellent Internet Radio Show called Nyansapo. After reading the newsletter yesterday I decided to tune in. I pointed my ipod touch at the website address and bingo the stream was up and running.? I decided though that I’d like to phone into the show and put a few points over.
Ligali provide lots of ways to get in touch with the show, I chose skip, because i’m a notorious skinflint and Skype is free. I managed togged through straight away and join Toyin Agbetu and Dr Sandra Richards who was a guest on the show and calling in from Barbabdos.
The topic of conversation was “Role Models or role Muddles” – Do African men still deserve African Women?

I listened to the first caller – Peter from Bradford, and Dr Richards before making my points. It can be noted that Tiger Woods and Ashley Cole came under close scrutiny as did 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. We asked “are these Guys Role models?”

The question was raised regarding black men who chose to date outside their race, is this acceptable, is it an expected part of success? One caller stated that these men (woods, et al) can’t be considered African because they are not fully Black, a point I hotly disputed because many millions of people with African blood are not Pure Africans but still identify, or want to identify in some way, with the motherland.? Are mixed people to be written off and discarded as not Black enough or not African enough. ? Toyin wisely sugested that this was a question for another debate “How do we define African?”

Just participating in the debate showed me that Ligali have tapped a very powerful area of new media here, allowing black people from all walks of life to converse, for free, to have their say in a public forum without travel costs. Whether listeners emailed in or sent messages via Skype or even called in using traditional phones or mobiles, we were talking, and that has got to be great start.

It needs to be remembered that People of African decent have vastly different life experiences, irrespective of our skin colour we are from different social classes, different parts of the world, different cultures.? Having African blood doesn’t make us homogenous in thought.? It occurred to me that Ligali should be encouraged and supported to grow what they have started.

Blackpresence will certainly be looking at ways to assist and support.? For too long black websites seem to have been in total competition for the same readership.? Now is the time for a meeting of the minds, all of our minds.? Instead of blackpresence trying to make our own radio show and compete for listeners, I’m going to devote my energy to finding interesting content to share with Nyansapo, I’m going to try to listen to every show and contribute where appropriate.? I can learn and share, for the benefit of the wider community and put ego to one side.

For those interested in the Ligali /Nyansapo Radio show here are the links:

The show is also recorded and can be downloaded as a podcast for later listening. We are constantly presented with negative images of Africans and their non-unity and not co-operation.? Nyansapo has the potential to blow this image out of the water, and what’s even better it’s owned by Africans, for the benefit of Africans.

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