Obama may be President but don't take your eye off the issues!

Use your exposure, Mr President!
Use your exposure, Mr President!

Blogger John Ridley points out that whilst the President of the worldsmost powerful country enjoys cosy nights on comfy chatshows, and other African American high flyers like Eric Holder, Michael Steele and Richard Parsons are making headlines the situation is considerably worse for the average African American male.

My response to this is, “Yeah, tell us something we don’t know”.   Ridley isn’t criticsisng Obama but merely pointing out that the apparent success of the President and other high flyers should never be mistaken for , or allowed to maksk the dire straits that many black famiilies are facing in America.

He goes on to point out that in the USA only just over half young black men are working.  The global recession has hit african Americans hard, but even that is only part of the story.  Sisters, it seems are doing better due to a higher college (University)   education, which is fantastic but still needs to be maintained and cultivated.  He states…

“The current size of the overall gap in employment between black women and black men is historically unprecedented, and black Americans are the only group for whom the gender employment gap is in favor of women,”

These stats cant be good for the Self esteem of African American Men, and it will take more than A few High Profile African americans Who are “Making it” to convince the communities otherwise.  These High Profile Personalities MUST speak for the black community and Use their wealth and influence to Stimulate growth and support within Black communities, otherwise all their posturing and Preening is nothing more than a sideshow put on by the establishment.

Just because there’s a black Preseident doesn’t mean the end of innequality. Enen if the media likes to paint it that way.

What do you think?

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