Poem: There's a first time for everything right?

About a week ago,my father and I went to a bus stop in Hackney to get a 106 to clapton roundabout as I was visiting a friend of mine who lived in Haunault,so we had a long way to go!

We waited for a bus and as I had my 2yr old son with me,and like all single mums can relate,the first bus was full so we had to wait for another bus. So as we struggled with all our belongings we went to find a seat at the main stop and sat and waited for the next one.

As we waited as Im very observant,I noticed a young caucation couple join the bus stop a little way down from the actual stop with thier young child also. So as the next bus came along my father and I got on with all our bags and belongings. Now I noticed the male,was giving some sort of negative attitude that I though was a bit unnecessary?

I had no idea what his issue was? We had a right to get on the bus like everyone else without abusive comments? We were actually there first from the start and had waited like everyone else to get on the bus?

At first I thought,just let it go, he is probably drunk or something? But he was with a young child and kept raising his voice and being very theatening and aggresive and I was with my child and my dad was with me I felt I had to defend myself!!!

There’s a first time for everything right?

You bigot

You rscist thug!

You wanna chat to me?

Make me forget my humanity?

You disrespect my dad! You disrespect me!

Tell him to go bc to his own country?

You are so rude!

How dare you intrude!

So renk and Facesty

who are you?

Yes we are black but that aint the end of dat!……….

Dont forget the years,your forefathers took we inna captivity as unwilling partisipants to isolated foreign lands!

Ripped from the comfort of our mothers land at gun point!

Taken and locked in chains from head to toe,not knowing where we a go?

Packed liked sardines beaten and shamed  treated like cattle regarded worse than dogs! even worse than yu wud treat a hog!!

Sold to the merchant by spies and crooks!

As if we nu deserve a second look!

Then examined like objects hoarded into thier ships with no shame

How can these people be human

and treat we this way?

Then from port to port,some weaker ones dying on the way other slaves wishing they could have gone that way!

I can not believe this happened here

all around england and all over the world

traded like silver and gold as if we nu have no soul?

We were humans we deserved more!

So how da hec can you call me a whore?

…………..Who are you?

Mr jack the lad

you think your so bad coz you got black fren?

get off da bus

you have no sense your judgement is clouded and your sitting near a fence!

you have no idea about my people so dont open your mouth!

if I did not have a mind I would give you a clout!

Dont talk about money coz my dad was told of a land flowing with milk and honey they told us how difficult it would be to gain all this money?

To strive with the cold beating in our face

and on top of that be disciminated beacause of our race!

Dont chat to my dad!

You can not walk a day in his shoes!

coz the work that he did paved the way for all of YOU’s!

Go bc to my own country? One day I will! But Im not finished here yet theres still lots to do!

Dont blood me!

are you god?

can you judge me?

Dont even try to call out my name!

chances are you got africa running through your own veins!

I am black african jamaican!

A girl born here like you!

So dont try to intimidate me

and chat like your crew

dont chat bout your frenzs


Coz tghey neva heard you when you cussed down my dad!

Being a disrespectful yout

tinkin your bad!

I wished they heard you I wish they had!

Coz they would see that your hating

Twisted and bitter!

and Im sure ifyou had your way

You would call me a NIGGER!

It’s not my that you have so much issues

If you want a pity party

Here teck a tissue!

Do you want me to pay coz your insides are hollow

shouting and spitting

What are you thinking?

So go home

with your pickeny

and take all that negativity with ya

You dont know my people!

and our constant battle

To just get thru life from day to day

with every mountain so far away!

I never thought I would ever hear this ting!

But surely

Theres a first time for every ting!

Poem by Sharon Howell

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