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This article relates to race in the media.
Source:  IRR Newsletter.

g u a r d i a n
Forensic evidence suggests Mark Duggan unarmed when shot
The Guardian has revealed that forensic tests have shown that Mark Duggan was unarmed when shot dead by police in Tottenham. Concerns remain over the IPCC investigation.

g u a r d i a n
Government to apologise to Christopher Alder’s family
The government is to formally apologise to the European Court of Human Rights after Janet Alder took her case to them. The government will admit that it made ‘widespread failures’ in its investigation into Christopher Alder’s death.

g u a r d i a n
Pair accused of killing Stephen Lawrence met after murder
CCTV evidence has shown that Gary Dobson and David Norris, the men accused of killing Stephen Lawrence, met each other just four days after the murder, despite claims that they did not know each other.

g u a r d i a n
Evidence mismanaged in Stephen Lawrence trial
According to the defence, a series of mistakes were made by a police forensic scientist in 1993 while handling evidence relating to one of the two men accused of murdering Stephen Lawrence.

l e i c e s t e r   m e r c u r y
Mum punched on bus in Leicester
A mother was racially abused and punched in the face in front of her children, resulting in minor injuries on 21 October. Police are investigating two suspects, one male, and one female.

g u a r d i a n
Man tasered nine times for possession of toy gun
Justice Livingstone was tasered nine times after railway station staff at Norwood Junction called police after seeing a man with a gun. The gun was a toy one costing 99p, which he had bought for his son.

s t a f f o r d s h i r e   m e r c u r y
Two constables investigated over brawl that ended in death
Two Staffordshire police officers are subject to an IPCC investigation that has been launched to determine if race or religion influenced their handling of a brawl involving Israr Ellahi who later.

b b c   n e w s
Nigerian man unlawfully detained
The Court of Appeal has ruled that immigration officials unlawfully detained a Nigerian man after he tried to visit Northern Ireland. The man was entitled to enter the UK as his daughter was born in Belfast.

b e d f o r d s h i r e   n e w s
Single men to be detained at Yarl’s Wood
The detention of single men at Yarl’s Wood immigration centre is to resume following a ruling that children should no longer be kept there. The men are to be held ‘in a discrete unit segregated from other residents’.

g u a r d i a n
Government offers to fly UKBA staff home to work through strike
UK Border Agency staff in embassies across the world are being offered taxpayer-funded flights to Britain if they are willing to work at ports and airports in next week’s strike against public sector pension reform.

b b c   n e w s
Restrictions extended on Bulgarian and Romanian workers
The Home Office has extended the restrictions placed on the number of Bulgarian and Romanian nationals allowed to work in the UK until the end of 2013. According to European Law, the restrictions must then be lifted.

b b c   n e w s
Dale Farm Travellers seek permission for two new sites
The Travellers who used to live on the Dale Farm site are seeking permission from Basildon Council to live on two new sites in Essex.

h u l l   d a i l y   m a i l
Racist language in primary school left unaddressed
Ofsted inspectors have warned that a primary school in Bridlington where children were found using racist and homophobic language have failed to address the issues.

g u a r d i a n
Nick Clegg to criticise racism in bank loans
Nick Clegg is to accuse the British banking system of discriminatory practices against minority ethnic customers, who experience trouble accessing loans to start up businesses.

b b c   n e w s
Sacked BNP worker awarded damages for wrongful dismissal
Marion Thomas has been awarded £2,500 for wrongful dismissal by the BNP last year. Thomas had worked at their office for over a year, and was dismissed without notice.

b b c   n e w s
Images released of EDL Halifax demonstrators
CCTV images have been released showing ten EDL supporters who are wanted for questioning by the police following disturbances at a demonstration in Halifax earlier this year.

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