Blackpresence Website – Black British History

Blackpresence Website – Black British History

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Black History Month begins in October.

With Black History Month almost upon us again, we have been busy adding articles and features to the popular Black British website Blackpresence

The Black Presence website was formerly The Black Presence in Britain, a history site about the contribution of African descended people in British history.

The Black Presence in Britain website was set up in 1998 due to a lack of information about the contributions of Black people to British history to be found on the Internet.

Owner/Author of the Site Phil Gregory says:
“I was studying politics at the time, the course included a history module called
The Black Presence in Britain 1550-present day.  Whilst doing my research, I found a serious lack of Black British info online. So, I decided to build my own site where this information could be documented.”

Initially meant as a small experimental site, Blackpresence has grown and grown. The demand for information drove the site to expand, and evolve.

Today there is a wealth of black British information online, but there is still a lot more to discover.
Some people question the need for Black History Month and accuse sites like black presence of being divisive.

We believe that until the contributions of black people and other migrants and their descendants regularly and routinely appears in our history books, School Curriculum and media documentaries as part of British History, as opposed to an afterthought, there will be a need for sites like Black presence.

Great examples of Black contribution to British History are, Mary Seacole, Dr Harold Moody, Olaudah Equiano, Walter Tull, Arthur Wharton and Dido Elizabeth Lindsay. Short Biographies can be found on the Black presence site.

Owner / Author, Phil Gregory is available for Interviews regarding the website and Black British History.

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