WHATS NEW ON AFRICA AWAKENING – Press Release March 14, 2009

Dear Friends of Africa Awakening,

I  hope you are all having a great weekend.

May your dreams, aspirations and personal ambitions this year, continue to be blessed by the vision, the grace and the spirit of the Lord.

AFRICA AWAKENING is all about:

Promoting the needs and interests of Africans, West Indians and the Black British Community in different parts of the world in the most practical and possible ways.

Sharing and exchanging valuable knowledge and information amongst our brothers and sisters in various communities.

Acting  as a medium where information on services are promoted and shared, with the aim of bringing together a network of people from different backgrounds .

Encouraging people from African and West Indian origin to come together as one family and share in the harmony and understanding of mutual awareness.

Creating and Developing business opportunities in the most practical ways



I am pleased to inform you that we have launched our new brand logo in the last fortnight. We also have a new slogan – ”Bringing Communiti