Racist Ads

Black History is full interesting images. Today advertisements such as these would be called racist adverts.  This ‘Old Gold Cigarettes’ advert in Time Magazine, featuring Eddie Cantor in Blackface. 1930.

Old Gold Cigarettes
Old Gold Cigarettes

You can see the Full spread Old Gold Cigarettes advertisment here

It would be argued that the actor was in blackface not out of racism but because the studios required him to do it.  In the 1930’s Black Actors had not yet broken through into the hollywood mainstream in their own right. White actors regularly played in  “blackface”.

Old Gold would also argue that they also tried to produce positive images of African American people.  One of their 1948 Baseball Card features  Jackie Robinson, with a short biography.

Old Gold Cigarette Card - Jackie Robinson
Old Gold Cigarette Card – Jackie Robinson

Black Baseball players were featured on Cigarette Cards from the late 1940s

Black Baseball Players on Cigarette Cards

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