Publications on Slavery

slave-trade-walvin-243x300Publications on Slavery:

A4 Monographs: Cost between £1 & £6: Courtesy of Marika Sherwood & Nigel Pocock

 Vol. I English Slavers in the Caribbean and Africa: An

historical and psychosocial approach

 Vol. II Slavery, Africa, and Reparations

 Vol. III A Resource Book for the History of Slavery in London

 Vol. IV Where the Money Went: People and places connected with slavery in Bath and Bristol.

 Vol. V The Liverpool boom: People and places connected with slavery in Liverpool

 Vol. VI A Lasting Legacy: The effects of slavery on character and male-female relationships

 Vol. VII Unless Two agree Together: Justice, forgiveness and prosocial behaviour in the context of Caribbean slavery

 Vol. XI Slavery & Trauma: How can the memories be healed?

 Vol. XII Slavery and Evil: Were the planters and slavers responsible, or couldn’t they help themselves?

 Vol. XIII Slavery Factsheet: Essential Statistics of the Caribbean Slave Trade

Hardback : For a Few Guineas More – handmade and bound, with hand-done illustrations, signed copies, limited edition £20.00 (one sold at an auction for £95.00!). this volume summarises much f what appears in the various monographs.

 Power and Greed: A database of all the Governors of the Bank of England, Merchant Venturers, Aldermen, MPs in Bristol (1660-1838) and many others in Liverpool and London, showing associations with slavery. Available as CD/DVD or diskette.

 Laminated visuals of all aspects of slavery in A3 size are available for sale or free hire.

 A limited supply of original (1843) manillas – currency used to purchase slaves in West Africa, £7.00

Enquiries welcomed.

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